Using Nails and Screws on Your Trees

The moment you are itching to do some outdoor projects, you may look at some of your trees as your starting point. Maybe you are dreaming of having a birdhouse tacked to a tree or you like to have a sentimental plaque that’s sitting at the center and front of the trunk of a tree. But wait! The question is, can you drill your tree safely using a screw or nail? Some trees are actually sturdy enough to carry or sport some new accessories However, others will not be able to fully handle the harm.

Below, you’ll be able to know if your tree is a good candidate for any outdoor improvement you want to perform. You will also learn in this article about how to drill nails on trees safely, as well as how to use screws and staples into your tree.

Drilling Into a Tree or Hammering a Nail Without Causing Harm to It

The truth is that hammering a nail or drilling a screw into a tree will leave a wound inevitably. However, if the job is done properly and on the right tree, chances are you can be able to avoid long term and serious damage. In order to keep the trees in your property safe, you should follow these tips:

1. Be extra conscious about the kind of screws or nails you use.

2. Do not get the hammer happy. The truth is that when you create many holes on the tree, you will stress it out even more.

3. Bear in mind that not all trees are better candidates so you need to find the right one that fits your project.

Best Screws and Nails to Use for Trees

Always remember that the last thing you want to happen is for a screw or nail in your tree to eventually rust. That is the reason why it is best to choose aluminum, stainless steel, or any other nails and screws that are rust proof for your project.

Best Location Around the Tree’s Branches or Trunk for Stability

Actually, the specific spot that you drill into does not make a really big difference. However, the overall health of the trees in your property plays a really huge role in terms of the stability of the accessories you want to install.

Healthy trees are known to be tough, and the moment they are drilled with a screw or nail, they will then start a process that is called compartmentalization. This means they eventually heal the area surrounding the wound in a natural manner and then protect the other areas from any potential infection. Therefore, for the best stability, make sure that you choose a strong and healthy tree. To make sure you choose the right tree, consider hiring a professional tree care service provider. The professionals like Yonkers tree service provider can be able to identify healthy from unhealthy trees, which means the job will become much easier and it will surely be done in a proper manner.

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